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With All My Soul

I've been sitting on this for quite a while and am thrilled to finally get to show it off, so in case you haven't already seen it on FB, Twitter, or a blog, here's the cover for With All My Soul, the seventh/final Soul Screamers book!


I think the gold is just gorgeous, and I'm happy to report that this time, the dress is in the book! The only other cover art dress that's actually been in one of stories is the white dress from the cover of the first omnibus, which I picture as the dress Kaylee stole borrowed at the end of My Soul To Keep.

I'm thrilled with the cover, and I actually requested gold or silver for this final book, so I'm really happy the brilliant Harlequin art department was able to accommodate that, but I have to admit that showing off this last cover is kind of a bittersweet moment for me. Because this is the last book in the series.

I don't have clearance to post the plot description yet (HQTeen is actually planning to "reveal" the back cover later) but I suspect it's pretty obvious that this last book is the culmination of everything that's been building in the series between Kaylee and her friends and Avari and his...fellow forces of evil, so even if I can't tell you specifically how that will play out, you can probably guess that this book has the most action of any book in the series. It also contains major changes for at least one character, and major relationship evolvement between just about every character in the series.

I'm excited, and sad, and nervous (as per usual) about this final book, and I'm currently neck-deep in the revisions, trying to make sure I wring every single drop of emotion I can possibly get from my awesome readers, both tears and joy. I want you to be fully invested in Kaylee and her world, and both scared and horrified along with her by the decisions she has to make this time, and the consequences of everything she and her friends have had to do along the way to survive.

I'd love to promise you a happy ending, but...well...I try not to make promises. Read into that what you will. ;)

So...what do you think of the cover?!