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[First, if you haven't seen the beautiful new (US) cover for With All My Soul, click here. It's new and beautiful!]

Here are the latest international covers for the Soul Screamers series. Germany, Spain, and France, you're in luck!


Above is the cover for the (electronic-only) German edition of "My Soul To Lose," the first of the Soul Screamers novellas. They're calling it "Kaylee" and they've used the cover art from the US edition of the Volume 1 omnibus, which can be seen next to it. It looks like "Kaylee" is already out in Germany, and now I'm wondering if they're going to publish "Never To Sleep" and call it "Sophie!"


Above is the cover for the French edition of Before I Wake, which they've titled (if my French hasn't totally abandoned me) Don't Open Your Eyes. This one comes out December 1, 2012, and is using a beautifully color-altered version of the UK cover art, which can be seen next to the French version, above.


Above is the Spanish language edition of My Soul To Save, which is already out in Spain, using a version of the cover art from the original US edition, before it was cropped. The uncropped version was printed on the US ARCs, and I recently accidentally printed it on 1000 my new Soul Screamers postcards! Because I'm an idiot. Both US versions can be seen next to the Spanish version, above.

So...what do you think?