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There's no place like home...

[Even if you don't read this entire post, please scroll down for important shipping news, in bold.]

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post the winner of the most recent giveaway. I'm pretty swamped. Which is why I have a couple of important announcements for you today, including the name of that winner.

And the (randomly selected) winner is: Megan Bowie, who commented on October 10, 2012, with "I love the Vietnamese cover the most, actually. It’s quite breathtaking."

Megan, please email admin1ATrachelvincentDOTcom with your shipping information and your choice of book from the prize list, and No. 1 will put your prize in the mail!




As most of you probably know by now, I'm in the middle of a move. I won't actually be leaving San Antonio for the Oklahoma City area until mid-December (is there a worse season for moving!?!), but because there's so much to do and because No. 1 is an obsessively early packer, I do, in fact, consider this move already underway. The only room in my house that isn't already half-packed is my office.

Don't get me wrong. I greatly appreciate No. 1's offer to do ALL of the packing (except for my office--my choice) so I can continue to work during this incredibly stressful time (I'll be doing all the unpacking), but...well...I am a creature of habit. I like to walk into a room and know where to find all my stuff. With half of our things already packed, I feel unsettled, like I'm living in transition, and that won't end until we're unpacked in Oklahoma--seven long weeks from now. This moving chaos is especially difficult for me this week, because much of our stuff is already packed, but we don't yet know where to ship it. My living room is full of boxes, and there's nowhere to sit, because the love seat is inverted on top of the couch, to make room for all the boxes. We don't truly live here anymore, but we don't yet live in Oklahoma either. I feel...rootless. Unsettled. Because of that, I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating.

Fortunately, next week we'll be house shopping in Oklahoma, and I'm sure that once we've found a place to live, I'll feel much better.

Unfortunately, my work doesn't stop just because I'm out of town looking for a house. I fully intend to ship (email) this new YA off to my agent before I leave, so I will be working nights on my new (already under contract) adult project while I'm gone.

In related news, because I'll be out of town next week, there won't be a giveaway this week or next.

And...any domestic packages/requests snail-mailed to me need to be post-marked no later than October 31. Because of the move, I will no longer be able to accept/return domestic packages shipped after that.

Regrettably, I will no longer be able to accept/return packages from overseas until the beginning of the new year, when I have a box set up in the OKC area. 

In addition, I will probably be scarce here on the blog for the next couple of months, but because Twitter and FB are so easy to use from mobile devices, I'll be more active there during the move. So if you have a question/comment for me after Halloween, please leave it on one of those sites.

Thanks, and wish me luck!