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Winners; Signing

I have a couple of announcements!

First, in case you haven't heard, my very last signing in Texas as a Texas resident (I'll be back in the Dallas area twice next year, as a guest) is this Saturday, December 8, at 2 pm, at the Barnes & Noble at La Cantera, in San Antonio. I will be there specifically to sign the Soul Screamers Volume 2 omnibus, but I'll sign any books you bring me or buy there. [Note: the book store may place a limit on how many you can bring from home. For details, please call the store.]

Also, please note that this signing is also a bookfair for the Northside Independent School District, with proceeds to benefit the local schools. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, but if you tell them at checkout that you're with the bookfair, the school district will benefit from your purchase.

Also note, if you're in the area today, you can come see NYT bestseller Ellen Hopkins at 7pm.


The winners of the YA Scavenger Hunt have been announced! You can find them here.

Winners of most of the individual authors' giveaways have been announced here.

The winner of my personal giveaway is Jennifer GW. Jennifer, please email me (admin1ATrachelvincentDOTcom) with your shipping information, and we'll put your prizes in the mail. As soon as we get settled into our new house in Oklahoma and unpack all my books. I expect that to be about a week from now. ;)